Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor Version 4.31.1 Free

Capture, save, print, resize, edit or crop the screenshots in supported image formats including JPG, PNG, JIF and, BMP format

Screenshot Captor is an image capture software that allow the users to capture and save screenshots in different image formats. You can capture the desktop screenshot partly or completely using this software. The capture of the inventory windows of different programs and software with this screenshot captor is simple and requires only a mouse click. The software also supports website screenshot capture. Screenshots of webpages, online videos and images can be taken using Screenshot Captor for further use. As a result this smart software is popular among the designers and professional web developers. It also support video files, therefore you can also capture screenshots of movies using this software. Images can be captured in various methods like fixed sized area capture, GDI objects, full screen, arbitrary regions, and MultiMon workplace. The images can be used later with other editing software. The software is mostly designed to allow capturing screenshots from a variety of sources with minimal intervention. Captured images can be edited to enhance quality, visibility, resize, and change formats. Screenshot captor also supports adding comments to the images. The software requires less memory than other image capture and editor programs. It has an easier to use interface. Anyone can use this software to capture screenshots from internet or desktop. In a single or multiple window mode users can edit screenshots of favorite webpages, movie database, and image file, active windows of desktop applications, browsers, and video screens.
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